verdure e legumi

vegetables and legumes

caponata di melanzane I
eggplant caponata

caponata di melanzane II
eggplant caponata II

caponata isolana
islander's caponata

fagiolini e peperoni
stringbeans and bell peppers

melanzane fritte
fried breaded eggplant

melenzane con basilico
marinated eggplant with basil

peperoni ripieni
stuffed peppers

sicilian style peppers

peperoni e patate
peppers and potatoes

polpette di melanzane
eggplant croquettes

torta di patate e cipolle
baked potato and onion tort

zucchine all'isolana
fried zucchini with eggs and capers

zucchine alla menta
fried zucchini with mint
Eolian islanders enjoy telling the uninformed that
capers are a potent aphrodisiac. While their claim may
or may not be true, the caper actually does contain
the anti-oxidant bioflavinoid rutin, used as a
homeopathic remedy in treating kidney ailments,
arthritis, anemia and arteriosclerosis.
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                                                            the food of the eolian islands and sicily