spaghetti all'eoliana

spaghetti eolian stye


1     pound spaghetti or spaghettoni
12   ripe cherry tomatoes
4     garlic cloves
8     Sicilian green olives
8     Calamata olives
1/2  cup capers
1     teaspoon dry oregano leaves
8     large basil leaves
1/4  cup extra virgin olive oil
        crushed chili pepper
        sea salt

Slice the tomatoes in half, gently squeeze out the
seeds and excess juice, and then slice them in half.
Chop the garlic, remove the pits from the olives and
mince them. Rinse the capers and tear the basil

Bring a large pot of salted water to boil and add the
spaghetti and cook over high heat, stirring the pasta
from time to time to prevent sticking.

Heat the olive oil with the garlic in a large pan over
moderate heat, cook for a few moments before
adding the chopped tomatoes, minced olives and
capers. When the tomatoes begin to release their
juices, add the oregano, basil, crushed chili pepper.
Salt to taste. If the sauce becomes too dry add a
spoonful or two of pasta water to loosen the sauce.
Remove from the burner and set aside.

The instant the pasta is al dente, drain and simmer
with the sauce until evenly combined. Serve
                                                          the food of the eolian islands and sicily

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