crostacei, molluschi e pesci

crustaceans, mollusks and fish

calamari alla milazzese
milazzo style squid

calamari ripieni alla liparese
lipari style squid

cernia alla maltolta
grouper maltolta stye

cozze gratinate
mussels au gratin

insalata di polpo
octopus salad

lampuga in umido
stewed mahimahi

merluzzo all'isole
island style codfish

pescespada a ghiotta
swordfish ghiotta style

pescespada o tonno con salmoriglio
swordfish or tuna with salmoriglio

tonno cipolata
tuna with onions

zuppa di cozze
mussel soup
Ricciola is one of the most wonderfully delicious fish from the Tyrrhenian
Sea, and the tastiest I have ever eaten.

My friend, Giacomo Corsini happily poses with a very large
amberjack) that he caught while spear fishing off the coast of Panarea.
Giacomo, an expert diver and  spear fisher, began visting  the islands since
he was a boy, and maintains a small house on Panarea above the village of
Drauto which commands an enviable view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Arguably the most indispensable ingredient in the cuisine along the coast
of Sicily, seafood is constantly under threat from over-fishing. Rampant
troll fishing has gradually drained the Mediterranean, and unfortunately
has led to absorbatant fish prices which consequently has left less fish on
the Sicilian dinner table.

In an effort to control over-fishing, the UN and EU imposed a moratorium
on commercial driftnet fishing and conditions are beginning to improve.
Although recent studies indicate a decline in driftnetting because of the
bans, it will be decades before life in the Mediterranean significantly
                                                           the food of the eolian islands and sicily

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