Calascionista                                                                                               Colette Calascione oil on board, 2000
Vincenzo Faraldo of the group Corepolis, with a
modern example of the calascione
Calascione is also the name of a Mediterranean fish
rhinobatidae, rhinobatus or rhinobatos), commonly
known as the guitarfish. In Italy, the fish has a
variety of names depending on the region:
cetola or
squadra viuline in Campania, mandolino in Lazio,
squadre in Le Marche, and
chitarre or calascione in
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The calascione, colascione or colachon, is a rustic
instrument that first appeared during the
Renaissance. Early examples of the instrument
bear the names Antonio Baraputio (Napoli,1535),
and Barrata Ementoli (Padova, 1564). Other
examples exist in private collections in Europe
and the United States. This lute-like instrument
is frequently depicted in pastoral Italian paintings
of the 17th century. The calascione is still played
by traditional early music ensembles throughout
Southern Italy and Sicily.
An 1836 woodcut illustrating pitch & tuning range
                                                           the food of the eolian islands and sicily