calamari alla milazzese

milazzo style squid


2         pounds medium-sized squid
1         pound ripe tomatoes
4         anchovy filets packed in oil
4         cloves garlic
1         teaspoon crushed red chili
1/2     cup dry white wine
1/4     cup parsley
1/4     cup extra virgin olive oil

Begin cleaning the squid by pulling the tentacles and attached
head away from the body. Remove the mouth from the head,
hidden in the center of the base of the tentacles. Cut away the
head just above the tentacles and below the eyes. Discard the
mouth and head. Next, hold the body of the squid under cold
running water, peel the outer skin, then squeeze out the insides
and remove the thin cartilage by pulling gently from its tip.
Thoroughly rinse the inside of the hood.

Cook the squid whole or, if preferred, cut squid into large
square pieces, leaving the tentacles intact.

Blanche the tomatoes in boiling water and peel them. Slice the
tomatoes in half, then squeeze out the seeds and coarsely
chop. Finely chop the parsley.  Slice the garlic cloves in half.

Heat the olive oil along with the garlic in a large sauté pan
over moderate flame, allow the garlic to lightly toast around
the edges then add the cut up or whole squid and tentacles.
Cook the squid for a several minutes until lightly golden. Stir in
the chili and parsley, then add the white wine and simmer until
the wine has almost evaporated.

Reduce the heat to low, add the anchovies and crush them in
the pan, then add the tomatoes. Cover and simmer for about
20 minutes, stir occasionally and add a few tablespoons of
water to prevent the sauce from becoming dry.

Serve as a main course or toss the sauce with spaghetti or
linguine and place the calamari on top.
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                                                          the food of the eolian islands and sicily